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Zackary AhYat

Zackary AhYat

Financial Adviser

Immediately after college, I viewed financial advising as my platform to largely impact my community. After interviewing with several financial advising firms, I found myself disappointed by their philosophies of business. Many of these platforms didn’t offer the holistic and comprehensive nature of advising I was looking for. Seeing as how no firm offered what I desired, I decided to close the door on that chapter.

While I searched for my niche professionally, one thing remained constant—my passion for tennis. Since the age of 14, I worked as a tennis coach and found that the enrichment of working with individuals on a one-on-one basis to help them achieve their dreams was incomparable. Around this time, one of my long-time tennis friends reached out to me about Pacific Capital. At first I was hesitant to jump right back into the career field that initially put a sour taste in my mouth, but I agreed to meet with the Vice President of PCRG to get a better feel for what it was they did, especially if one of my most respected friends was ecstatic about the planning he was doing for families. After meeting with the leadership team of PCRG, I was blown away by the strategic way they approached planning. Never before had I seen a firm that looked at every detail of someone’s finances. I immediately knew that this was the type of firm I had been looking for.

In 2017, I helped initiate the first Special Olympics Tennis Team in Washington State and joined PCRG’s Special Needs Resource Team shortly after. I am drawn to work with individuals with special needs because I want to provide the same opportunity to learn and enjoy the game that I grew up loving. It is common in our society to view and treat individuals with special needs differently. I want to take this opportunity to work side-by-side with an under-served part of our community and show them that they are loved and that people in our community want to help them achieve their goals.

Starting Special Olympics Tennis in the area went hand-in-hand with Sheldon’s vision in starting the Special Needs Resource Team. We are united in helping serve part of our community that is often marginalized. We want to make sure that no matter someone’s situation, that we are able to work with them collaboratively to put their family and their children with special needs in the best financial position and foster opportunities to pursue their dreams.