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A coordinated estate plan helps balance your concerns between your child with special needs and your retirement goals. It specifies how your assets will be distributed between entities like trusts and other family members. An estate planning discussion can help you:

  • Specifically identify on going support of your child with special needs
  • Plan your distribution of assets to your other family members, and think through guardian issues
  • Coordinate with your other professionals (estate attorney, CPA, etc.) to ensure your plans are communicated between your financial professionals
  • Additional benefits of estate planning include conversations with immediate and extended family members so your wishes are understood by them and they are included if you desire in the planning process. Once these conversations are finalized we can work with your attorney to ensure the proper financial strategies exist within your legal frame work
  • We can help facilitate a Letter of Intent in coordination with your estate attorney and ensure that your finances are supportive of your expectations
  • Provide liquidity to cover debts, taxes and expenses and reduce taxes where possible whether your estate is simple or highly complex Your plan provides peace of mind knowing you have taken steps to protect the people who depend on you as well as your other family members



In the financial strategy process, we begin with you. You teach us about your goals, then we put our expertise to work, building a plan around those goals. This is accomplished in a stress-free, step by step process, through a series of meetings. We understand the demands that already exist on families dealing with special needs situations so we move at your pace.

Objectives, Expectations, and Discovery – We get to know you to determine if we are a good fit to work together. Our no obligation conversation includes:

  • Discussion of your financial goals and expectations
  • Detailed explanation of the process we will walk through together
  • Review a sample financial plan
  • Q&A Session to address questions you have about the process
  • Decision by you to go to the next step

After this conversation, we learn about you to get a detailed account of your current financial situation and your goals, including:

  • Detail your current cash flow, liabilities, retirement plans, investments, insurance policies and estate plans
  • Discuss your specific short, medium and long term financial goals

Plan Design – We analyze the information you provide in the Discovery meeting to create the financial flexibility and freedom you want by identifying in detail:

  • Options available (investment strategies, savings plans, etc.) that could help you reach your goals
  • Risks (unexpected financial hardship, death or disability, etc.) that could threaten or delay your success
  • Path Forward: a collaboratively developed, clearly detailed and actionable financial roadmap designed with realistic, measurable milestones

Plan Presentation and Implementation – We walk together through your financial roadmap and strategic options available to you. We discuss:

  • Your current financial situation
  • The resources you need to reach your goals and strategies to accumulate these resources
  • Questions you have
  • Action steps we recommend and a suggested implementation timeline
  • Decision by you to partner with us to implement and manage your plan

Then, we work together to put your plan into action.

  • Outline the steps necessary to implement the strategies we’ve worked together to create
  • Detail how and where your cash flow and resources will be applied
  • Begin steps to establish your investment and insurance strategies to reduce risk and achieve success

Ongoing Plan Review – After initial implementation, we meet regularly to ensure your plan strategies stay current as your life and practice change.

  • Annual Plan Review: update your plan to accommodate any changes in your situation and make sure you are on track to reach your goals
  • Quarterly Investment Review: discuss the previous quarter in the market and your investment strategies
  • If you have questions, we are always happy to address them for you.

Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered exclusively through Hornor, Townsend, & Kent, Inc.



No financial strategy is complete without considering and preparing for the risks we encounter on our journey through life. We listen to your goals, evaluate your needs, and provide risk mitigation strategies in these important areas:

  • Unexpected death - Provide for the financial well-being of your loved ones in your absence
  • Disability - Protect your income in the event you cannot work due to illness or injury
  • Catastrophic health expense - Provide coverage and funds for major health expenses
  • Unexpected financial expense - Identify an appropriate amount for your emergency fund (e.g. 3 – 6 months’ income) and an actionable plan to build that fund without compromising your other assets

As your financial partners, we take great care to help you plan for the unexpected and want to see you succeed no matter what life sends your way.



Most families with children who have special needs walk a delicate line to provide funding for all of their day-to-day expenses while saving for long-term retirement goals. We assist you to take one-step-at-a-time and develop a clear strategy that will accomplish your immediate and long terms goals within your budget.

  • Detail your retirement goals
  • Set a target age for financial independence
  • Determine financial resource needs by retirement age
  • Project additional savings needed to reach your goal
  • Discuss pros, cons and costs of various savings options
  • Select, implement and manage an optimal mix of financial strategies

You set the goals that are most important to you. We use our expertise to design a plan, and become your partner and advocate in helping you achieve those goals.



Through comprehensive wealth accumulation planning, we work with you to develop strategies to accomplish the savings goals that you desire.

  • College tuition planning
  • Paying for a wedding
  • Saving for a family trip or a vacation home
  • Leaving a legacy to your loved ones or a favorite charity
  • Any other saving goals you have

We can help you determine savings needs, establish a savings strategy and help you stay on track to see your goals met.



You need more than a collection of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. You need a comprehensive investment plan that addresses your risk tolerance, tax situation and liability risks. Our investment and tax planning process includes:

  • An assessment of your investment goals
  • A balanced asset allocation through a variety of investment management solutions
  • Addition of investments whose return is not directly tied to the stock market
  • Examination of the tax implications of your investment programs, both now and in retirement
  • Evaluation of the impact of a lawsuit or creditor’s attempt to take what you have worked hard to build

While no investment plan or strategy can guarantee a profit, we help you take important steps to reduce risk and position you for success.